Open 1st May to 30th September

Our Campsite : Grounds

We aim to balance nature with the needs of our campers

The Park

There are over 100 mature trees on site of at least 30 different varieties. The majority of the trees were planted when the site was established in the 60's. Many of the trees were sourced from nursery stock which is evident from the variety of native and ornamental trees.  The trees, shrubs and hedges provide the perfect habitat for the resident red squirrels, bats, butterflies, insects and numerous birds. We have planted gardens and flower beds crammed with shrubs and perennials to provide all year interest and support the sites ecosystem.

Ariel view of campsite (November 2017)

The management of the trees and grounds are ongoing. The site was very overgrown and the trees had not been managed for years. We are continually developing, planting and improving the estate to provide a balance between nature and the needs of our campers. Our aim is to provide you with the perfect safe environment to unwind and recharge your batteries. We are fortunate that we can offer emplacements in full sun, partial sun, shade and dabbled shade throughout the summer months.


The whole site is teaming with wildlife in the form of small mammals, insects and many birds. The resident red squirrels are elusive and spend much of their time in the tree canopy. We regularly feed a couple of hedgehogs.
When the sun goes down you may be lucky to spot some bats flying about catching lies, they are perfectly harmless and fascinating to watch. We are yet to identify all the birds but one of our favorites is the European Green Woodpecker with his emerald green plumage.

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